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Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc. has been in operation since 2023. The corporation was founded by Dr. Conrad Rizal as a sole proprietorship under the name Seed NanoTech & Consulting in 2016 but was incorporated in 2023 under a new name and new ownership Dr. Conrad, Mr. Samrat, and Ms. Rizal was directors of their respective departments. The team is comprised of seasoned academics and youthful, enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

The founders are all Canadian citizens with degrees from Canadian institutions and a wealth of work experience in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The team is eager to guide and aid students in obtaining admission to a prestigious university abroad by providing them with information, mentoring, and materials, as well as scholarship support where applicable. Additionally, the team assists with locating co-op and internship opportunities, as well as career services and training opportunities in Canada and internationally.
Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc. is delighted to unveil what we believe to be a more informative and user-friendly profile to maximize and provide superior services to our clients. Each heading and/or subheading in this profile explains what we do and how we collaborate with students. Something we have endeavoured to achieve with each student since our company was founded in 2016.

Our Missions

Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc is dedicated to providing the highest standard of educational services to students from all over the world who wish to pursue higher education in academic colleges, vocational schools, and universities in Canada and the United States. Our student body consists predominantly of 11th and 12th graders, technicians and diploma holders, undergraduates, and graduate students with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

We assist our students in identifying the program of their choice and the institute/university where their backgrounds suit best, as well as assisting them in selecting their preferred location. We also assist academic institutions in Canada and the United States in identifying prospective students based on the programs they offer international students and their compatibility with those programs. Students from Nepal and Japan have been enrolled here. However, as demand increases, we intend to expand and provide student services in the East and South Asian subcontinents as well as neighboring regions.

Our mission is to place students in educational institutions where their desired program suits them best. We assist them in pursuing their dream vocation in their chosen field of study, taking into account their background, academic prowess, and English proficiency. We are committed to providing students and institutions with expedient services. We believe that we must continue to operate with absolute transparency to provide quality services. We are a reputable educational consulting firm in Canada due to our commitment to educational institutions and our realistic approach to meeting the needs and requirements of students.

Why Choose Us

We are a leading education consultancy operating from Brampton, Canada and our branch offices are located in Kathmandu, Nepal and Osaka, Japan. Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc have been affiliated with internationally recognized colleges, trade schools, and universities in North America. We have successfully placed several students in academia in Canada and the USA, and continue to help more. We equip our students with the best possible opportunities in academic institutions.

If you are passionate about studying in an internationally recognized college or university and imagine yourself as a successful worker in the future, we can help you achieve your educational dreams and turn them into a reality. For example, we can assist you in your college application preparation, program selection, provide recommendations for visa application, etc.

Who We Are

Core Values


Means upholding moral principles and conducting oneself in all dealings and services with students, parents, and educational institutions with honesty, openness, and professionalism

Student-centred Approach

Prioritizing students’ academic and career objectives throughout the consultation process, putting their needs and ambitions first, and offering individualized support.


Pursuing excellence in all facets of education consulting, including the standard of counsel, direction, and assistance offered to students, as well as keeping abreast of current educational options and programs.


To guarantee that students have access to a variety of alternatives and possibilities, collaborative connections should be fostered with educational institutions, universities, and other stakeholders in the education sector.

Cultural Sensitivity

Respecting and appreciating students’ various backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints while also offering inclusive, culturally-sensitive advice that takes into account each student’s unique needs and objectives.


Giving students the knowledge, direction, and resources they need to successfully navigate the educational system and make decisions that are in line with their goals will empower them to make wise decisions about their education.

Continuous Learning

Making a commitment to continued professional growth, remaining current on developments in the field of education, and constantly enhancing consulting techniques in order to provide students with better services and fulfill their changing requirements.

Privacy and secrecy

Protecting the privacy and secrecy of students’ personal information, upholding stringent data protection standards, and abiding by the law and ethical standards for protecting student privacy.


Accountability entails accepting accountability for the services rendered and for the consequences and results of the consulting process to students, parents, and educational institutions.

Building long-lasting connections

Building long-lasting connections with students, parents, and educational institutions based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding, as well as offering assistance after the first consultation to help students continue to succeed in their studies and professional pathways.


Dear Customers,
With great delight and enthusiasm, I welcome you to our esteemed consultancy for services in education and admission, digital marketing, website design, SEOs, and a great deal more! As the Director, I take great pride in leading a team of devoted professionals who are enthusiastic about providing exceptional services and empowering our clients to achieve their objectives.
We recognize the significance of education and its influence on an individual’s future at our consulting firm. We believe that education is not only a means to gain knowledge, but also a path to personal and professional development. Therefore, we have meticulously crafted our education and admissions services to provide you with comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout your educational journey. Whether you are a student seeking admission to a prestigious institution or an academic institution looking to improve your admissions process, our expert consultants are available to assist you at every stage.
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Our consulting firm is committed to delivering superior service in every respect. We place a premium on client satisfaction and endeavor to exceed your expectations through our personalized approach, attention to detail, and prompt delivery. We recognize that each client is unique, which is why we take the time to comprehend your specific requirements and tailor our solutions accordingly.
Experience the difference of working with a dedicated-to-your-success consulting firm by exploring our comprehensive range of services. Whether you are an educational institution, business proprietor, or an individual seeking expert advice, our team is here to support you and help you achieve your goals.
We appreciate your choosing of our company. We are eager to embark on a prosperous journey with you and contribute to your success.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Rizal (She/Her)
Director of Operations,
Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc.


Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc. is composed of highly experienced, impassioned, and devoted educators, counselors, administrators, accountants, and financial planners.
We believe that a quality education is essential for each individual’s success. I am ecstatic to welcome you all to Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc. and delighted that you have selected us for your educational requirements and opportunities in Canada and the United States. I am aware that, as a student, you require the appropriate entry point to education, professions, and professional development. At Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc., we are committed to providing you with career-advancing educational services of the highest caliber.
It is an honor to provide you with these educational services and guidance as you pursue your dream vacation in North America. My team consists of devoted professionals with in-depth knowledge of education consulting, admissions processes, and visa issues. Our principal office is located in Brampton, Canada, and we have international contact offices in Nishinomiya, Japan, Kathmandu, and Bhairahawa, Nepal. We have partnered with public and private Canadian and American universities and colleges of renown.
Our contact hours are flexible in order to provide international students with expeditious service. In addition to email and phone numbers, you can contact my team via social media platforms such as Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. My staff is always willing to listen and provide guidance.
I take the concerns of my students very seriously and listen attentively to their issues. I ensure that our team guides you through each stage of the application process, assists with the preparation of a resume and letters of recommendation, edits your personal statement, and assists you throughout the application process.
I take great pride in asserting that SeedNanoTech& Consulting is one of the most highly regarded education consulting firms in Canada, offering exceptional services and advantages from the moment you contact us. My team and I will be by your side at every turn. I encourage your suggestions and feedback to help us improve our services. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions; I’ll be glad to answer them.

Conrad Rizal, PhD (UBC), PG MRM (Algonquin)
Director, Human Resources Management
Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc.
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