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Welcome to Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc. We are accepting students to study in Canadian Colleges, Universities, as well as the Canadian Association of Independent Private and Public K-12 Schools. We’re also accepting Co-ops, Interns, and Part-time and Full-time employees who want to grow in the Education Industries. To learn more, Contact Us today!

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Our Mission

Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc is dedicated to providing the highest standard of educational services to students from all over the world who wish to pursue higher education in academic colleges, vocational schools, and universities in Canada and the United States.

Why Choose Us

We are a leading education consultancy operating from Brampton, Canada and our branch offices are located in Kathmandu, Nepal and Osaka, Japan. SeedNanoTech Consulting and e-Learning Center have been affiliated with internationally recognized colleges, trade schools, and universities in North America.

Who we are

● One of Canada’s top-rated education advisors with one of the best success percentages for student visas.
● Education consulting firm with over 4 years of successful experience.
● Producing e-learning courses at the moment

Core values

Our core values of personalized support, ethical practices, and student-centric approach form the foundation of Seed Global Education Consultancy’s mission to empower students in achieving their academic aspirations.

Director’s message

Conrad Rizal and Elizabeth Rizal Welcome You to Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc., Where Education Dreams Come to Life. Discover Our Passion for Guiding Students towards Success and Fulfillment.

Our Services

We Offer Following Services

Pre-consultation for

Program Selection and Application



Programs / Courses

We deal with following Programs / Courses


An art program is a comprehensive educational curriculum that fosters artistic skills, creativity, and understanding of visual expression.


Students in Canada have a wide range of possibilities when studying science. High academic standards, cutting-edge research facilities, and an emphasis on hands-on learning are all provided by Canadian institutions.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering is the process of designing, creating, and maintaining diverse systems and structures using mathematical and scientific concepts. There are several different engineering specialties in Canada, including software, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.


In Canada, social participation includes a range of activities including law, politics, volunteer work, and teaching. Law-focused groups and volunteer opportunities at legal clinics are two options for students who are interested in the field.


There are several benefits for students in Canada who pursue business-related degrees. Graduates can follow a variety of job options across sectors thanks to the adaptability of their business abilities.


Students who are interested in a rewarding career in healthcare might profit greatly from pursuing a health and medicine curriculum.


Partner Institutions

Study Abroad

Exploring Global Education Opportunities

Study in Canada

International students may receive a top-notch education in a secure and friendly atmosphere by studying in Canada. The nation’s academic excellence, which is supported by famous institutions and colleges, guarantees pupils a challenging and thorough education that will prepare them for their future jobs.

Study in USA

International students have a wide range of benefits and possibilities when they study in the United States. The nation is a desirable destination for students from throughout the world due to its academic brilliance, international reputation, and variety of program options.


What They Say About Us

Soni Mainali
Soni Mainali
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Conrad Sir and his team at Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Inc in Canada. I owe them a tremendous "thank you" for the guidance and diligent follow-up they provided throughout the entire process until I successfully obtained a study visa. Therefore, I enthusiastically endorse their professional services to anyone who wishes to travel to Canada for a vacation, conference, or higher education.
Riyanka Bishwakarma
Riyanka Bishwakarma
Hello, Riyanka here, a prospective student at St.Lawrence College. I was able to secure admission to St. Lawrence College's health program with the help of Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Incorporated. I am very grateful to Eliza and her staff for their individualized counsel, detailed understanding of admission requirements, and attention to detail, all of which contributed to a seamless application process. I am grateful for their assistance in achieving my educational objectives. Riyanka, St. Lawrence College
Dev Devkota
Dev Devkota
I write this testimonial to thank Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy for their outstanding support throughout my study abroad in Canada. Their Director and team went above and above to help me study in Canada in the accounting diploma program at St Lawrence College in Kingston. Seed Global Canada informed me about the Canadian education system, universities, and programs that fit my career aspirations from the start. Their skills and understanding in the field helped me choose the best path for my academic and professional development. Seed Global Canada also helped me with the application procedure. They carefully analyzed my application and helped me write a great personal statement. Their precision and personalization gave me confidence. Seed Global Canada’s continuous support set them aside. As an international student, visa requirements were intimidating. However, the consultancy organization help connect me to the immigration consultant in Canada who helped me apply for the visa with confidence. I’m appreciative for their help in getting my study permission. The Seed Global Canada Director’s passion to assist students like myself achieve their educational goals was admirable. Every contact showed their passion for education and genuine care for student achievement. My trip to Canada was made more enjoyable by their individual service. I wholeheartedly endorse Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy. Their professionalism, competence, and individual support made studying in Canada easy and stress-free. I’m appreciative for Seed Global Canada’s help and recommend them to any Canadian student. Again, thank you to Seed Global Canada’s amazing staff for making my goals come true. Dev Devkota St Lawrence College, Canada
Kushal Ghatani
Kushal Ghatani
Choosing Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Incorporated was the best decision I made for my study abroad journey. Their expert guidance, personalized approach, and in-depth knowledge of universities and programs were instrumental in securing my admission. I am grateful for their support and highly recommend Seed Global Canada Education Consultancy Incorporated to any student aspiring to study abroad. - Kushal Ghatani Niagara College
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